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Now You See Me

In a world full of inspiration, like a swarm a bees doing everything to get our attention – what do we see? You never get a second chance to make a first impression seems like an old and out of style expression. Do we see anything the first time or do we need a second or a third time? Do we need apes in different shapes and colors as NFT to see a monkey made in an old fashion studio from water color, spray paint, screen printing and charcoal? That is a studio without a computer, instead brushes, jars, paper, all kind of paints, some orderly arranged in boxes, some spread all over the place...

Well, I got something for all. I've start doing some of my art as both traditional and digital art.

The original painting is sold at SaatchiArt, a piece of paper with rough edges and a lot of colors and details visible only when you look closely. The artwork is also available as an NFT, this time animated but still unique and one digital copy only. For sale at Open Sea.

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