I do visual stuff. Most of the time art, at times graphic design, interior design and visual merchandising. For me it's communication, to present a feeling of true autencitet.


Man Ray, Duchamp, Warhol, Banksy, Pejac, Charles and Ray Eames, Bowie, Prince. They are all part of why I became an artist. Visionaries, breaking rules, finding new paths. Most of all curiosity. That’s why my work changes in style, medium and expression. It’s a constant journey that never took me to the fine art school, instead a long line of courses, workshops and art groups. Curiosity feeds the cat.

I put a lot of love in the backgrounds, always a steady and well-worked base. I use mixed media, layers on layers, acrylic paint and screen print most of the time, often shades close to each other with details visible only when you get close. I use stencils in plastic together with acrylic paint, guess they don’t teach you that in art schools but no ones around to tell the rules so I keep on going. My motives often have an air of freedom and power with a spark of humor. Guess its mirrors who I am.

Graphic Design

My wrinkles tell the truth. I've been around long enough to have learnt the craft of graphic design before computers entered the scene. With darkroom, wax machine and scalpel. I have used the Adobe softwares version 1.0 and been part of it's journey up til today. I know my tools. But more important is my journey of visual communication. From final artist and art director to project manager and marketing manager. It's no use doing beautiful stuff if it doesn't communicate.