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Book Design

After years with all kinds of artwork, I've falling in love with book design. I guess it is me in a nutshell, to combine communication with art.

This is visual communication for me. I love the challenge and complexity of book design. You have to present the essay of the book with your design so it will capture the viewer long enough to turn the book over and start reading on the back. And you have just a few seconds to do so. The competition in a book store is close to infinite. Without screaming with colours, big letters or crazy pictures.

“Could it be better than to use my art and illustration together on a cover?"

I mostly do book covers but sometimes the full book. Book with a lot of pictures is one kind of work, every spread is a seperate artwork. A book with just text is another challenge. You need to talk in small letters (not write in small letters...), making the artwork clean and simple. The information in the text should flow without any impact from the layout.

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