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Prints on cakes

Art is not just hanging on walls. They can also be part of a party – for a limited period of time. Before it gets eaten.

My art is printed on cakes, on marzipan. Could I ever imagine that to be on my bucket list? Guess not. But it's reality and I work with a cake company, making designs out of my art. The cakes are sold all over Europe, delivered to your door.

"The flamingo cake is a best seller in France and Germany."

Is it different to do art for cakes? A bit yes. I think more what colours look most "eatable", to use less details so the printer can handle all information. I think of the occasion for the motive, who will order, is it for a birthday, graduation or any other occasion. The vintage motive "Old? Simply Vintage?" is popular for birthdays for example. The Flamingo cake is a best seller in France and Germany. Hmm.

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